What Did Past Attendees Say?

“I thought that the creative writing workshop was so interesting, we all bonded so well and I hope there will be more”

"The creative writing workshop has been a very useful resource! I found it improved my confidence and I learnt different writing styles. Thank you”

"The best experience ever - thank you!"

"It felt good that there was no pressure, or right or wrong answer"

"I enjoyed the social interaction with others. Also it was a really wide range of activities"

"It went way too quick! I enjoyed and looked forward to each week"

"I really enjoyed this class. It is a lot of fun and makes me feel very peaceful and challenges the mind"

"Sharing my writing has helped me to learn about myself and explore ideas to become more positive and hopeful. It's been fun"

"I've found it really useful to express my feelings in a non-judgemental environment"

"I love the fact that I have the freedom to share or not to share my work. Writing either for myself or not relaxes me and helps with unlocking my feelings and thoughts"