Writing for Wellbeing Well being Workshop

Psychologically Informed workshops

A Positive Psychology Approach

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing, and is the foundation of Wordsmiths workshops. Positive psychology interventions look at human thoughts, feelings and behaviour - but focus on the individual's strengths in each area instead of their challenges. 

Each Wordsmiths activity is person-centred so that if one attendee wants to write about difficulties in their life, and another wants to write about successes in their life, then both will be possible from the same prompt. The Positive Psychologically informed design means that either response would be framed as a positive experience.

Our three key areas of focus (confidence, creativity and self-expression) are defined as concepts of wellbeing within the field.

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Writing for wellbeing toolkit - whats included?

Writing for Wellbeing Well being Workshop

Workshop Plan

Every activity in our 1-12 week plan has been designed to improve confidence, creativity and self-expression and have been tried and tested with real groups

Wordsmiths Games

Warm-ups designed to promote social inclusion within the group and increase confidence in writing are made possible by our Wordsmiths games

"Skip Me" Tokens

There is never pressure for someone to share work. For some people, even the idea of someone calling on them to share, and having to say no aloud, can induce stress. Our subtle tokens, handed out at the start, can be flipped over if the attendee would like to be skipped during the sharing portion of any activity


Attendees will connect more with their writing when they are adding to their own personal notebook each week. This also encourages people to continue writing outside of the workshops


There is an optional Certification of Completion presented to attendees at the end of a Wordsmiths Workshops course

Our Founder

Writing for Wellbeing Well being Workshop Naomi Smith

Where Wordsmiths Began

"I trialled my first creative writing workshops at a community centre in 2016. At the time, my sole aim was to teach basic writing skills. One afternoon however, one of the attendees approached me to share that she struggled with depression, and that the workshop was the only reason she had left the house that week. She told me that she felt lifted after every session because she was able to write and share about her home country, which she missed dearly. 

After that, I began to understand the power of writing as a therapeutic tool, and I dedicated all of my time to becoming an expert in wellbeing so that I could help others to learn it too.

Wordsmiths lived as just a vision in my mind for such a long time. I am so proud of all the people it has now been able to reach and help." - Naomi Smith, Founder of Wordsmiths

Designing the Workshops

Naomi studied a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing followed by a masters degree in Positive Psychology. The combination of the two disciplines is the basis of the Wordsmiths' mission.

With the academic knowledge in place to design the content of the workshops, Naomi sought out first hand experience with multiple client groups to ensure that they were accessible by all. She has previously worked as a Wellbeing Support Worker at a homeless charity and a Key Worker at a mental health rehabilitation home, she has also volunteered as a Mentor to ex-offenders, and at Age UK day centres.