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Writing for Wellbeing Well being Workshop

Of attendees reported they would return to another Wordsmiths workshop

Writing for Wellbeing Well being Workshop

Of attendees reported an improvement in their confidence, creativity or self-expression

Writing for Wellbeing Well being Workshop

Of attendees reported their confidence, creativity or self-expression improving maximally, from a 1 (not at all) to a 5 (totally)

What does a workshop involve?

An Experienced Tutor

The workshops are facilitated by a creative writing tutor with years of experience working with groups with mental health needs. 

Psychologically Informed Activities

The workshops have been designed drawing on the principles of Positive Psychology. The activities have been adapted from therapeutic interventions, mindfulness exercises and creative games.

Our Writing For Wellbeing Toolkit

Our toolkit ensures that every group is guaranteed the same great workshop experience.

A Pressure Free Environment

A relaxed environment allows creativity to flourish. Every workshop starts with warm-up writing games to chase away those "I can't write anything" jitters.

A Bespoke Plan

You can book between 1 and 12 workshops per group, to suit your timings, and with weekly or monthly options available. 

Focus on Three Key Aspects of Wellbeing

The workshops aim to improve confidence, creativity and self-expression in every attendee.

workshops for mental health groups

Mental Wellbeing

Improving attendee's mental wellbeing is the always  primary goal of a Wordsmiths workshop. We use a Positive Psychology approach to improve 3 core aspects of wellbeing : confidence, creativity and self-expression.

Tailored to Your Needs

Some groups benefit from having a creative outlet to explore their experiences with mental health, while others benefit from engaging in an exercise that allows them to focus on other aspects of what makes them who they are. You can decide the focus of your workshops - including having a mix of both!

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workshops for Complex Needs Groups

Suitable for All

The target audience for a Wordsmiths workshop is somebody who could improve their mental wellbeing - and we believe that describes everyone, no matter their circumstance. 

We Listen To Your Expertise

Nobody knows your client group and their individual needs like you do. We will work alongside you to create the best experience for your service users - whether this means scheduling frequent breaks, avoiding triggering topics, providing materials in another language or anything else you need.

Experience in The Field

We understand that bringing in an external facilitator to work with your service users can be a worry. Your tutor is guaranteed to have had frontline experience working with vulnerable adults. If you are interested in long-term bookings and would like your tutor to have had experience with your specific client group then just let us know!

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workshops for Corporate Groups

Lunchtime Workshops

Personal wellbeing can be at the forefront of the workday for everybody. A 50 minute session that fits into your lunch hour will have employees returning to their desks feeling confident and creative.

Team Building Events

If you have more time available to dedicate to employee wellbeing, a series of 1.5-2 hours workshops can create a really strong team bond. A key aspect of the workshops is sharing work aloud, so your team will become comfortable communicating with each other, and learn more about their colleagues in the process!

Full Days for the Whole Team

Wordsmiths can come to your premises for a full day of Writing For Wellbeing activities that will include everybody in the office. Working in smaller groups towards a shared goal, your employees can all contribute to a company-wide anthology!

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